FAQ – NMHC / InterFace Student Housing Sponsor/Exhibitor Pages & Virtual Booths

This page is for the people who are coordinating virtual booths for the 2020 NMHC/InterFace Student Housing Conference.

These are the answers to the questions we’ve been hearing & we’ll keep adding to this as we hear more questions.

Latest answers as of Oct. 15:

Q16: Do I need to purchase licenses for lead capture? 

No, the licenses you see referenced in the exhibitor portal are for live on-site events. The only lead-gen component to the virtual platform at this time is the “contact us” form, which is included for all sponsors and exhibitors as part of their package.

Q17: Where do I find the information captured by the “contact us” form?

In the Exhibitor Portal, look under “Lead Collection.” See example here.

Original FAQ:

Q1: I am a booth admin and I’m not sure where to start.

Please look for a previous email from Kelly Moustafa (kmoustafa@francemediainc.com). The subject line should be “2020 NMHC/Interface Student Housing Virtual Booth Log-In” or “Reminder: It’s time to set up your account for 2020 NMHC & InterFace Student Housing Conference.”

On that email, click the “Log In” button and follow the instructions in the task list to upload content to your sponsor/exhibitor page. Make sure you download the documents attached to the “***Read First” task.

Q2: How can I see what my exhibitor/sponsor page looks like?

A: Log in at https://cvent.me/xqEDmq. You must be an event registrant, not just an admin for the exhibitor management dashboard, in order to log in.

Q3: Do I need to fill in ALL of the information in the exhibitor portal?

A: No. If visible, leave the following blank: Event/Booth Location, Exhibitor Code, Marketing Code, Tax ID/VAT Number, Virtual Booth URL, Virtual Host Key. Under the Contact Information section, just fill in the fields you want to appear on your custom page.


Q4: How many files can I upload? How many links can I include on my page?

A: You can have a total of 50. That could be 25 files uploaded and 25 links or 10 uploads and 40 links.

Q5: My logo doesn’t look right on the platform. Can you help?

A: Make sure the logo is sized as a square. You may need to add white space to the top/bottom or sides. It needs to be at least 300 x 300 pixels.

If you are unable to resize the image yourself, send the logo to kmoustafa@francemediainc.com and she will have one of our designers help resize it and send it back to you.

Q6: I’m having trouble adding booth staff.  And how do I upload headshots of staff?

A: In the exhibitor management portal, you can add booth staff so that the names of people manning your booth show on your company’s custom page. In order to associate a person with the booth, they must first be registered as an attendee. You want to add these people as “onsite staff” not booth admins. Booth admins can manage the custom page but do not have to be registered attendees.

To upload headshots of booth staff, each person must edit their registration. The easiest way to do that is to log in to the event portal: https://cvent.me/xqEDmq. On the “My Event” page, you’ll see a panel to the right that says “Your Information” and a link that says “View Your Registration.” Click that link and scroll to the bottom of the page to “Modify Registration.” On the next page, you can upload a “Profile Image.”

(While you are modifying your registration, add a mobile phone number – this will make it easier to access the confirmation code when you log into the event portal.)

Q7: What if I opt not to have a booth?

A: That depends on what you mean by “booth.”  All sponsors and exhibitors have a custom page, which includes your logo and company name. This is required to have your company listed on the portal as an event sponsor. Ideally, you will build out your page with links and a company description. Please remember that this page will be live for 4 weeks following the event, so you really do want to use this space to your advantage for the event and the following month. (Click here to see an example of the Student Housing Business booth.)

We can also facilitate a video chat link from your booth. This is optional; if you do not want to utilize the video chat, simply let us know at this form — https://francemediainc.wufoo.com/forms/r1k7g3yv03f25kf/  — and we will remove the “join video chat” button/link from your custom page.

If you just want a very basic presence in order to have your logo listed on the sponsor page, send your logo and company description to Jaime Lackey & she will post the content and any links you want to use (company website, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook).

Q8: How does the virtual booth/video chat work?

A: Our vendor sets up a Zoom link for your virtual booth/video chat. In the same portal where you upload your logo, company description, etc., you will see a Virtual Booth URL and a Virtual Host Key. Once we have set up the links, you will see them in these fields.

********Click here for a printable illustration with explanations for each link in the exhibitor portal. *******

Virtual Booth URL: This is the link that is tied to the “Join Virtual Booth” button on your custom page. Attendees will click the button to join you in a video chat during the conference. You may share this link with fellow employees that want to hang out in the virtual booth/video chat but who are not registered attendees of the event.

Virtual Host Key: Right click (or hold control & click) to get the full URL. This is the host URL for your company’s virtual booth/video chat. You should ONLY share this with employees who are serving as host in your company’s video chat/Zoom call.

If more than one of your staff members is manning the virtual booth, the host can create breakout sessions and push an attendee into a 1:1 meeting with an employee.

Breakout sessions are a functionality that only comes with a pro Zoom account; if you aren’t familiar with the technology, you can practice a day or two before the event (as soon as you see the virtual booth URL and the host key appear in your dashboard).

** NOTE: Most booths have these links live as of Oct 8. If you are a recently signed exhibitor, it can take up to 3 business days to get these links live.

Q9: Do I need to man the virtual booth the entire duration of the conference?

A: We do ask that you make an effort to have the video chat session live during posted exhibitor hours. Other than that, you should decide what works best for your company. We do encourage you to post hours that the chat feature will be live in your company description.

Q10: Can I multitask while in my booth?

A: You can watch panel sessions while you have your booth Zoom meeting open so that you are available when people pop into your booth to chat. You can pause the panel discussion/presentation when an attendee pops into your Zoom call. (Don’t mute your computer because you then can’t hear the Zoom meeting.) Just an FYI: If you hit pause on a replay of an earlier session, it will pick back up at the time you paused. If you hit pause on a current session, you will miss the part of the session during the pause unless you watch again later because when you hit play again, it will pick back up at the current time, not where you paused.

However, you can only be in one Zoom call at a time. This means that you cannot attend collaborative sessions (roundtables or networking sessions, for example) while in your booth virtual chat/Zoom session.

Q11: How do 1:1 appointments work?

(NOTE: We have a separate FAQ on appointments — click here.)

A: Once the event portal goes live, sponsors/exhibitors and attendees have access to the appointments module.

Sponsors/exhibitors will see the name & company name of all attendees in the module.

Attendees will ONLY see sponsor/exhibitor names listed in the portal because these are the only people they can reach out to.

For sponsor & exhibitor companies, only the primary person associated with the appointments module with each company will show in the list. (Employee 1 at this form: https://francemediainc.wufoo.com/forms/r1k7g3yv03f25kf/   will be visible to attendees in the appointments module.) This is the person who will receive all appointment requests from attendees.

Any additional employees you want to have access to the appointments module (as indicated by filling out the form linked above) will be able to reach out to attendees to request appointments.

In the appointments module, you choose the name of a person you’d like to meet with, choose a time for the meeting & send a request. The recipient will get an email and will have the option to accept or decline the meeting request. You will be notified of their response via email.

**Watch your junk mail folder in case messages are routed there.

You can invite more than one person to a meeting via the appointments module. Just click both names when adding people to the invite. (Helpful if you want to meet with two people at one company, for example.)

The instructions for the appointments module will go out on Thursday, October 8. There are separate instructions for attendees vs those with sponsor/exhibitor access.

Click here for the sponsor/exhibitor appointments FAQ.

Q12: How many Zoom links come with my sponsorship?

A: Each sponsor/exhibitor can receive up to two links through the portal/appointments module.

One is for the “join virtual booth” button on your custom page (explained above).

The second is for the primary contact for your company in the appointments module. For this employee, the Zoom link will automatically be included in the invitations sent or received via the appointments module.

For any secondary sponsor/exhibitor staff who have access to make appointments (but not receive appt requests), the “virtual location” for the appointment will NOT be filled in. You will be required to enter your own video conference link or a phone number.

Q13: What if I don’t want to schedule meetings during a certain time? 

In the appointments module, you can block off time that you will not be available for meetings.

Q14: How do I ensure people visit my page/virtual booth and engage?

  • Create an engaging company description.
  • Include hours you will man your virtual booth/video chat. Make sure people know what they will see when they click the link. It’s a little daunting for them.
  • Include a call to action that encourages people to engage with your “contact us” form on the page. (This is how you will collect leads from the exhibitor management portal — the same dashboard where you uploaded your company description, etc.) Offer something of value if they submit a message (a white paper/study, coupon code, free consultation, etc.) or create a game (raffle, etc.) where attendees enter by leaving a message or popping into your video chat.
  • Maximize the page space to offer downloadable materials or link to your website where you have materials, especially if you have gated content to offer.
  • https://francemediainc.wufoo.com/forms/r1imfvj11fuqiuc/ – Complete this form so we know what you are offering at your booth and we can include it in our marketing email prior to the event.
  • Use the hashtag #NMHCInterFaceSH20 to promote your booth/invite people to come see you via your own social media channels
  • Join our Student Housing Business LinkedIN group ( https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2730197/ ) and post in the thread of exhibitors

Q15: If I miss a session, how long do I have to rewatch it? Will all sessions be available for replay?

A: The portal will remain open for 4 weeks after the event. You can rewatch all panel sessions, but collaborative sessions (roundtables/networking) will not be recorded.