FAQ: Attendee access to appointments | InterFace Seniors Housing Southeast

This page is for attendees of the InterFace Seniors Housing Southeast 2020 conference on Nov. 5-6, 2020. We have opened the event portal so attendees can schedule networking appointments in advance.

Action item:

To make sure you don’t receive appointment requests when you want to watch live sessions or participate in roundtables/networking, log into the portal (instructions below) and block off any time that you are not available for appointments. Above the calendar, change the dropdown to “Sessions – show all my sessions” to see the calendar of events and block off the times you’re not available for appointments.


Access the Appointments Module:

Log in at https://cvent.me/7kNWQ4

When you login to the event portal, you’ll get a confirmation code via email or via text, if you registered with a mobile number. Please check your inbox and then check clutter or spam folders — you’ll be looking for an email from Kelly Moustafa to find your confirmation code.

If you need to update your registration (to add a mobile number to receive a confirmation code via text), visit the registration site here, and click the “already registered” link under the “register now” button, then follow the prompts. If you have registration questions, please reach out to Kelly Moustafa at kmoustafa @ francemediainc.com.

On the “My Event” page, you’ll see the “Looking to Network?” module. Click the “Schedule Appointment” button.

Appointments can be scheduled between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Thursday – Friday, November 5-6.


Note about Access:

People with attendee access will ONLY see sponsor/exhibitor names listed in the portal because these are the only people they can reach out to. (More sponsors and exhibitors are completing their final registration steps & being added to the appointment module daily, so check back often.)

Sponsors/exhibitors can see the full attendee list. (List includes person name & company name. No contact details.)

If you are not a sponsor/exhibitor, but are interested in sponsoring/having a virtual booth, contact Eric Goldberg at egoldberg @ francemediainc.com.


 Q: How do I create an appointment?

At the top left, click the “Create Appointment” button.

When you request a meeting with an exhibitor, the meeting type is “Exhibitor 1:1 Appointments” and a Zoom link automatically populates.

Q: What happens when I accept an appointment?

The appointment will show on your calendar within the event portal and you’ll access the calendar event on the day of the meeting for contact information.

Most meetings will have a Zoom link that autopopulates in the meeting request.

Some sponsors have more than one rep with appointments access, but due to limitations on the Zoom license, these meetings will not have a Zoom link automatically generated. The person sending the request will enter their own video chat URL or a phone number. If they enter a phone number, you’ll need to call that number at the scheduled time of the meeting.

Email invitations and confirmations will appear to come from the name of the person you are inviting to meet or the person who is inviting you to meet, but these are from the Cvent portal and you CANNOT reply directly to the emails. All messages need to go through the appointments module.

Emails should come to your inbox, but watch your junk & clutter folders.

Q: Why don’t all companies have a “Request Appointment” button?

When you click Directory > Exhibitors, you’ll see a list of companies. Some companies have a “Request Appointment”button. These sponsors/exhibitors have added onsite booth staff to their custom pages in the exhibitor management portal. If a company does not have a “Request Appointment” button, the marketing person/admin will need to connect staff to the booth in the exhibitor management portal. Check back regularly for updates or try searching for company name in the directory view. (See the “Directory” tab at the top of the appointments module.)

Q: I have more questions.

InterFace Seniors Housing Southeast is hosted on the Cvent platform. You may find this Cvent article helpful: https://support.cvent.com/apex/CommunityArticle?id=000066968