> Print a quick cheat sheet – click here (PDF).

Video tutorials: 

These tutorials are based on a tour of the InterFace Seniors Housing virtual event hub. There may be some slight differences between different events, but the functionality is overall the same.

Step 1

Find login details for your event here:

Step 2

Sponsors/Exhibitors — To maximize your experience with the appointments module, this action item need to be completed by the admin of your company’s custom page/virtual booth:

  • Add onsite booth staff (not admins) in the exhibitor portal.
    • The people listed as “Onsite Booth Staff” in the exhibitor portal will be eligible to receive meetings when an attendee clicks “Request Appointment” in the company directory. See notes below.

All Conference Registrants, including sponsors & exhibitors — These action items need to be taken by each registrant:

  1. Log into the portal (link in Step 1 above & instructions in Step 3 below) and block off any time that you are not available for appointments. (For example, if you have a call unrelated to the conference at 9AM, you can block off that time in your conference calendar to indicate you are not available.) Click “Create appointment” and then choose “Block off Time” as the appointment type.
  2. Once you log into the portal, edit your bio that is visible to all other attendees. At the top right of the  screen, you’ll see a circle with either your initials or your headshot if you uploaded an image during registration. Click that circle and then click “View Profile” to edit visibility settings and build out your bio. (Click the screenshot below to enlarge it.)

InterFace virtual events are hosted on the Cvent platform. You may find this Cvent article helpful:

IMPORTANT note about Zoom links:

All appointments are scheduled using a Zoom link automatically created by the appointment module. When creating an appointment, please do NOT uncheck the option that says “Attendees can join this appointment virtually.”

Step 3

Access the Appointments Module:

Using the event portal login URL found in Step 1 above, follow the instructions below.

(Please note that Internet Explorer is not recommended. Functionality will be limited. The Cvent platform is compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. If your default platform is Internet Explorer, you will not want to click an email to open the portal or accept appointments. You’ll want to open a different browser and log in using the link in Step 1 above.)

When you login to the event portal, you’ll get a verification code via email (or via text, if you registered with a mobile number). Please check your inbox and then check clutter or spam folders — you’ll be looking for an email from Kelly Moustafa to find your verification code.

On the “My Event” page, you’ll see the “Looking to Network?” module. Click the “Schedule Appointment” button. (This will go live 5 to 6 days prior to the actual event.)


Q1: How do I create an appointment?

Option 1: At the top left, click the “Create Appointment” button. Then in the panel to the right, choose “Event Appointment.”

Option 2: If you don’t click the “Create Appointment” button, then you can click the “Directory” tab at the top right. Then at the top left, you can click “Attendees” or “Exhibitors” to look at the attendee list or the list of sponsor companies and click “Request Appointment.”

Once the panel on the right comes up,

  • Add the attendee you wish to meet with.
  • Make sure you choose a time for the meeting  (required to send the invitation).
  • Make sure the box is checked for “Attendees can join this appointment virtually.” (This allows the system to create a Zoom link for the meeting.) Do NOT uncheck this box.
  • Add a subject line (include your company name)
  • Add a description. (Best practices: include a brief description of your company & request a meeting. You may wish to include your contact info so that the recipient can follow up with you outside of the appointment module or at a later date.)

See screenshot below.

Emails will appear to come from the name of the person sending the invitation or responding/accepting/declining, but these are from the Cvent portal and you CANNOT reply directly to the emails. All messages need to go through the appointments module.

Emails should come to your inbox, but watch your junk & clutter folders.

When you click on a meeting within your calendar view in the appointment module,  you will see the event details, including a “Join” button so that you can click to enter the Zoom meeting, as well as the meeting ID and password if you need to enter those. See screenshot below.

You can also add the event to your personal/work calendar and set a reminder this way by clicking the “Add to Personal Calendar” button.

Q2: How do I join an appointment?

On the day of the event, your appointments will show in your “My Schedule” tab or you can click the “Schedule Appointment” button anywhere in the portal to see your calendar. Open an individual event and click the “Join Session” button at the scheduled meeting time.

Q3: Why doesn’t my company have a “Request Appointment” button?

When you click Directory > Exhibitors, you’ll see a list of companies. Some companies have a “Request Appointment” button. These sponsors/exhibitors have added the at least one employee as onsite booth staff when setting up their custom pages in the exhibitor management portal and completed the form so that we have granted this person exhibitor access in the appointment module. If your company does not have a “Request Appointment” button, the marketing person/admin who has the login to update your company’s custom page/virtual booth can update this.

This is the tile in the exhibitor management portal where you add onsite staff:Attendees are also able to click a “Schedule” button on exhibitor pages:

Q4: I don’t see my name as an attendee. What’s wrong?

Your own name will not display because you cannot make appointments with yourself.

Q5: Can I invite more than one person to a meeting?

Yes, you can invite more than one person to a meeting via the appointments module. Just click both names when adding people to the invite. (Helpful if you want to meet with two people at one company or if you want to invite a colleague to join you at a meeting.)

Q6: I am a booth admin and I’m not sure where to start.

Please look for a previous email from Kelly Moustafa ([email protected]). The subject line should be “Welcome to [event name].”

On that email, click the “Log In” button and follow the instructions in the task list within the exhibitor management portal to upload content to your sponsor/exhibitor page.

NOTE: The login for the exhibitor management portal (where you upload content to your sponsor/exhibitor page) is NOT the same login URL that attendees use to access the event portal. You will need 2 separate logins and URLs if you are both building out your booth and attending the conference/scheduling appointments.

Q7: Something has come up and I can’t attend appointments I scheduled. Can I reassign appointments to a co-worker? 

Not directly. You cannot edit an appointment you have received to add another person within the appointment module itself. You can also add the meeting to your own work calendar and add someone to that invite and it will include the meeting details (link or phone number) and you can both call in to talk with a third party. We will post PDFs with screenshots in the Help Desk within the event hub, so check there for more details.

Q8: Will there be a training session for exhibitors?

If you need help adding content to your company’s page or signing in to the exhibitor portal, contact Kelly Moustafa.

We do not provide training support for using Zoom; you may find this video on Zoom Controls helpful but it is likely not necessary for one-to-one meetings.


Q9: My default browser is Internet Explorer and I cannot accept appointments received via email.

Log in to the portal using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari should work). Find the login link at Step 1 above. Once you log in, visit the “My Event” page and you can click on the title (blue text) of any meeting request. When you click the title, a panel should pop up on the right of the screen and you should be able to accept or decline a meeting or suggest an alternate time.