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Upcoming Commercial Real Estate Webinars

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Webinars hosted in 2020

InterFace Conference Group has kept the commercial real estate informed and educated on market happenings across many property types and even niches within those property types. Our conference team has worked with our publishers and editors on the France Media staff and with leaders from across the industry to produce webinars about COVID-19-related changes and the outlook for 2021.

We thought it would be useful to share links to all of our complimentary webinars from 2020 in case you want to re-watch — or view for the first time — these informative discussions.

Affordable Housing Webinars

Affordable Housing Texas: What is the Outlook for the Affordable Housing Sector in Texas?

Affordable Housing Southeast:  What is the Outlook for the Affordable Housing Sector in the Southeast Region?


Multifamily Webinars

Salt Lake City Multifamily Outlook: What will Salt Lake City Multifamily Activity Look Like in 2021?

Denver Multifamily Outlook: What will Denver Multifamily Activity Look Like in 2021?

Las Vegas Multifamily Outlook: How is the Vegas Apartment Sector Responding to the Pandemic?


Seniors Housing Webinars

The Future of Seniors Housing: The 2021 Outlook from a Capital Markets Perspective

Marketing Strategies for Senior Living Operators: Survey Results Reveal How Customer Journey Has Changed

Seniors Housing Middle Market Conundrum: Development Challenges in Today’s Environment

Seniors Housing Market Valuation: Is the Pandemic a Disruption or Start of a Fundamental Shift

Conversation Technology As A Game Changer: Increasing Sales Effectiveness in Seniors Housing

How the Pandemic, Baby Boomers, and Technology are Changing the Senior Living Business

Seniors Housing Development Pushes Forward: Hear from Operators with Projects and Pipelines in Place

How are Seniors Housing Valuations Weathering the Pandemic?

Tips for How Operators Can Thrive in the Evolving Seniors Living Market

Active Adult: How to Define it and Where is the Industry’s Hottest Segment Trending?

Safeguarding Residents During COVID-19: Technologies That Prevent Infectious Disease Spread

Navigating Marketing & Sales During The COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond: Best Strategies & Tactics

COVID-19’s Impact on Market Valuation Short-Term Disruption and Long-Term Impact

How to Keep Marketing During COVID-19: New Engagement Strategies for Operators


Student Housing Webinars

Student Housing Furniture and Wellness: Designing Healthy Spaces

Package Management: Best Practices for On- and Off Campus Student Housing in the COVID-19 Era

How are Student Housing P3s Moving Forward During the Pandemic?

Move-In is a Month Away: Are Your Student Housing Properties and Portfolios Ready?

Best Practices for Re-activating Student Housing Amenities

Evidence-Based Ways to Make Student Housing Healthier & Safer Post-COVID-19: A Fireside Chat with Paul Scialla of Delos

How to Maintain Student Housing Leasing Velocity in Today’s Environment

COVID-19 & the Impact on Student Housing: The CEO Perspective

Covid 19: The Impact on Student Housing Residents, Employees, Operations, Turn & 2020 Leasing


Retail Real Estate Webinars

Driving Income Through Specialty Leasing & Ancillary Revenue

New Mexico Retail Outlook: What will New Mexico Retail Activity Look Like in 2021?

Southeast Retail Investment Outlook: Will Retail Investment Activity Bounce Back in 2021?

Houston Retail Outlook: How is the Houston Market Responding to the Pandemic?

Kansas City Retail Outlook: How is the Greater Kansas City Area Retail Sector Responding to COVID-19?

Las Vegas Retail Outlook: How is the Las Vegas Retail Sector responding to COVID-19?

Central Florida Retail Outlook: How are Central Florida markets responding to COVID-19?

Michigan Retail Outlook: How is Michigan’s Retail Sector Responding to COVID-19?

South Florida Retail Outlook: What is the Impact of COVID-19 on South Florida’s Retail Sector?

California Retail Reboot: How Will California’s Retail and Restaurant Sector Recover Post-Coronavirus?

Atlanta Retail Reboot: What to Expect in 2020

Texas Retail Reboot: What Does the Future of Retail Look Like Post-Coronavirus?


Industrial Real Estate Webinars

Los Angeles Industrial Outlook: How has the Pandemic Changed the Industrial Sector in Southern California?

Las Vegas Industrial Outlook: How has the Pandemic Changed the Industrial Sector in Nevada?


Net Lease Webinar

The State of the NNN Market as the Industry Emerges From COVID-19


Mixed-Use Webinar

San Diego Mixed-Use Outlook: Planning and Developing Mixed-Use Projects in the San Diego Market


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